Horse racing clubs and tracks of India

  There is authorities who is in charge of the tracks. In which are 9 of them here.

Bangalore Turf Club

Bangalore Turf Club

More than 150 years the Bangalore Turf Club have been founded. The role of BTC on betting in the association with Royal western India Turf was immense.

Delhi Race Club

Delhi Race club logo

Delhi Race Club is under the authority of Royal Western India Turf Club. It is the oldest race club in North India. Delhi Race club was establish on 1940.

Madras Race Club

Madras Race Club

One of the oldest Race club in the country.

Hyderabad Race Club

Hyderabad race club

Racecourse in the Old City. Hyderabad Race Club is greatly in helping to mould the Invitation Cup into the premier Classic of Indian Racing

Royal Western Turf Club

Royal Western Turf Club

RWITC have members of around 10,000 and host events at two of the race course, Mahalaxmi Race Course and Mumbai.

Royal Calcutta Turf Club

Royal kolkatta turf club

The club was founded in 1847 and it hosts the racing in Kolkata with winter season running november-April

Mysore Race Club

Mysore Race Club

This is the most scenic tracks in the country with hill around. Races going on in the shorter summer and winter.


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